30 Minute Meal-Roasted Chicken with Veggies


2 Southern Foods at Home Chicken Breasts

1 Southern Foods at Home Carrot Package

1 Southern Foods at Home Asparagus Package

¼ cup Vegetable Oil (or Oil Substitute)

2 teaspoons Sea Salt

2 teaspoons Pepper

2 teaspoons Oregano

1 teaspoon Garlic Powder

2 Thyme Sprigs



1.) Thaw chicken breasts and veggies in warm water for 5 minutes

2.) Preheat oven to 400°F/200°C

3.) Pat dray veggies once thawed, for better seasoning ability.

4.) Place beasts and veggies on non-stick pan.

5.) Drizzle oil over chicken and veggies-coat thoroughly.

6.) Evenly sprinkle salt, pepper,oregano and garlic powder all over the veggies and on both sides of the chicken breasts.

7.) Place fresh thyme sprigs on top of chicken.

8.) Bake for 20-25 minutes, or until the chicken’s internal temperature reaches 165°F/75°C.

9.) Top with freshly chopped parsley.


Enjoy! 🙂

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